Obama “Ignores” Nullification

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In an article titled “Obama Administration Ignores Nullification“, The New American reported yesterday that the Obama administration has sent a letter to Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak and his colleagues in Missouri, Wyoming and Texas.  The letter informs the states that the federal government will use federal agents to enforce the regulations that Obamacare imposes on insurance companies if the individual states fail to cooperate.

This stance by the administration is undoubtedly an unconstitutional intrusion into state matters and ignores the sovereignty of the individual states.  Of course, this should not be a surprise since the Obamacare legislation is itself unconstitutional and an intrusion on the rights of the people.

Many people have reacted to this report with anger, disappointment, depression or a combination of the three.  However, there is considerable cause for optimism in this report.  First, the administration is essentially admitting that it cannot force the states to enforce its terrible policies.  For all of the bravado at the federal level over what the states can and can’t do, the fact that the federal government has to send agents to these states to implement Obamacare is evidence that noncompliance at the state level works.  Just last week Andrew Napolitano noted that when the states refuse to comply with federal laws it makes these laws “nearly impossible” to enforce.

Some people seem to have been surprised that the federal government has taken this step, but nobody should be.  The average federal politician is like the playground bully we all knew in grade school.  They’ve become accustomed to getting their way and it’s been a terribly long time since anyone has stood up to them.  When somebody finally does say “no”, they’re not just going to accept it and go home.  Of course they’re going to try again to force their will on us.  It’s what bullies do.

The lesson here is that the course we’re on is working.  The administration can take the step of using federal agents to enforce Obamacare because the number of states currently resisting is relatively small.  However, as more states reject Obamacare, this option becomes increasingly costly and inefficient, even for the government.  Now is the time for more states to come alongside Oklahoma and a handfull of other states in rejecting Obamacare.

Scott Landreth, Ohio Chapter Coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center, notes that “There is strength in numbers.  If the feds had the resources to enforce all of their ‘laws’, there wouldn’t be some 2,000 marijuana dispensaries across the 18 states that have legalized weed for medical or personal use.  If the feds had the resources to enforce all of their ‘laws’, all 50 states would be in compliance with the REAL ID Act of 2005 as opposed to only 13. The fact is that 37 states have said ‘no’ to the REAL ID Act and the feds can’t do anything about it.”

Don’t be discouraged when Washington pushes back.  Recognize that it is a sign that nullification is working.  We can defeat Obamacare and other unconstitutional legislation by working with our state representatives to stand up, say “no” and pledge noncompliance.  Contact your state reps today and let them know that you expect them to continue to work to protect the liberties of Ohioans from an intrusive national government.

Ben Lewis is a blogger for the Tenth Amendment Center. He also writes at thegreatfiction.com

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